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News: Super Speed Train

Introducing the fastest ground transportation in the world, capable of reaching speeds at comfortable levels of 300 miles per hour.

The Transrapid Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Train is supported, guided and propelled by magnetic force alone.

The trip between Las Vegas and metropolitan Southern California would take from 75 to 90 minutes!


Tremendous economic and population growth is rapidly increasing the demand for transportation in Southern California and Nevada. Highway and air travel between Las Vegas and Southern California are subject to worsening congestion and delay. The limited capacity of these existing systems threatens the region's future mobility and economic growth.

Maglev is the exciting technology that meets the region's growing transportation, economic and environmental needs. The California-Nevada Super Speed Train Commission, in partnership with the American Magline Group, is leading the development of a Maglev system linking Las Vegas with metropolitan Southern California. Providing speed, capacity, comfort and convenience, this system will grow with Nevada and California into the new millennium.

Transrapid Technology

The Transrapid system has been certified for revenue service in Germany, and its safety features have been extensively reviewed by the Federal Railroad Administration. Its design ensures comfortable, safe and reliable operation, proven by its carrying more than 200,000 paying passengers and logging more than 300,000 train miles at the Transrapid Test Facility in Emsland, Germany.

The Transrapid vehicle hovers above the guideway, supported, positioned and propelled by magnetic force, with no physical contact. The absence of mechanical friction enables a maximum service cruising speed in excess of 300 miles per hour, and assures efficient, quiet operation and low maintenance costs.

The guideway design integrates with other land uses. Spaced support structures minimize environmental impacts, leaving drainage and animal migration patterns virtually undisturbed. The system's ability to accommodate grades up to 10% minimizes the need for expensive and disruptive tunnels and roadcuts.

Source: Super Speed Train

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